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smarter Tier 1 construction projects

With our proven strong track record, we are the preferred specialists amongst the Tier 1 group.

We understand construction and all factors in the environment. We manage all stakeholders.

Helping transform industry into "smart construction sites" by upgrading from paper based measurement systems.

Working closely with Tier 1 construction partners, we have consulted on safety and implementing processes for operations around AU.

We understand the mandatory requirements for safety, running a smooth operation each and every time.

Successfully completed complex operations in metropolitan CBD's at altitudes for highly sensitive projects.

Planning, Precision, Perfection

Solutions & Services Delivered

Solutions & service delivered 100%

Australian company run and owned.

Wide range of services offered, from data collection on construction sites, asset inspections, to interactive 3D modelling and surveying, construction progress, real estate photograph, aerial photography and videography.

All our sensitive operations are project managed. 

Fully Licensed & Insured

Fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority & covered with public liability $20M.

We can provide our interactive 3D models/images/videos/reports/data remotely via our cloud platform, so they can be accessed by you remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

We use the latest software and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to deliver what you need.

Terms & Conditions here.


Free Quotes & More

Free quotes, project proposals, no obligation.

We are able to operate in restricted fly zones within close proximity to airports, military installations and in the heart of metro city CBD's.

We document and explain the process in simple terms. Oz Drone Ops own all the risk involved so you do not have to. 

We can work in collaboration with your preferred builders, sub-contractors, agents or developers.

high end project experience

Oz Drone Ops helps drive your smart construction site by providing data to you online when you need it for reporting, measuring site activity, asset tracking, earthworks and many more.

The team have been delivering systems and services to large scale projects for over 12 years across multiple industries.

We are able to integrate into existing programme schedules and operate without impacting current timelines and trades.

We understand the timelines and dependencies for project delivery.

All our work is quality controlled and guaranteed.


smart Solutions to your project needs

Communication is key to understanding requirements for the project, in order to deliver on expectations.

Project management on sensitive and complex operations spanning months. 

No job is too big or small, no location remote enough.

Explore our project examples below.

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360 Interactive Media
4K or in Virtual Reality, 360 degree panoramic views, show customers before the building is developed.
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Commercial Real Estate
Move on from the ground view and gain serious attention
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Monitor progress and perform remote inspections on development.
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Infrastructure & Asset Inspection
Maintaining assets through routine inspections saves both time and money, take a preemptive strike on any repairs before they get worse and very costly.
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Interactive 3D Modelling
Experience the asset from your PC, tablet or mobile with interactive 3D modelling
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Residential Real Estate
Increase your property profile with stunning photos and videos of the asset being sold
Open For Business

We specialise in getting the job done

Enquire via the Contact Us Today button or give us a call to speak directly with a pilot who will be able to answer your questions and come back to you shortly with a free no obligations quote. 

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