Our Simple Workflow

#1 Enquire
#2 Receive Quote
#3 Operation Gets Done
#4 We Follow Up

Ensure Satisfaction

100% satisfaction is what we provide. Our projects team is highly experienced. 

We understand the timelines and dependencies for project delivery. All our work is quality controlled and guaranteed. 

Streamlined Service & Solutions

Straight forward process as detailed in our 4 step workflow above. Once you enquire and provide project details of what is needed, we can generate a quote or proposal, and explain all costs involved, along with any special flight permits which may be required to complete the project, that can only be sourced by fully licensed operators like Oz Drone Operations. 

Once the quote is approved we can begin obtaining flight permits or attend onsite and perform the operation as needed. We then perform post processing on your images, video or any other post production work such as generating interactive 3D models. We provide all our data online for you easily. 

Finally, we follow up, to ensure that all requirements were met.

High End Project Experience

Oz Drone's team have been delivering systems and services to large scale projects for over 10 years across multiple industries, we're able to integrate into existing programme works and operate without impacting current timelines and trades. 


We support your business by providing the services you need to win and deliver to your project's needs. Any variations needed during project can be accommodated to as per our terms & conditions. 

Media Licensing & Copyright

The content you pay us to create for you, belongs to you. 

Not like other providers who will charge a licensing fee to you after supplying the media you already paid to have created. 

View our terms & conditions for full disclosure of service here.