3D Modelling in Melbourne

Client Types: Industrial, Commercial & Residential asset inspections

Technology making life easier, safer and more cost effective

We generate 3D models of assets such as industrial, commercial or residential roofs, bridges and structures, allowing your teams to inspect in 4K detail remotely, safely, without having to send personnel up to heights or rent cheery pickers, or close off footpaths, or get council permits or disrupt any business for initial inspections.

Interactive 3D model - inspect your asset safely

See below 3D model sample of factory roof, where damage can be seen in very high detail and can be quoted for, without having to leave your office or climb on to high structures.

Factory roof asset inspection - Select HD option (where shows SD) bottom right corner for 4K

  • Left mouse click = Rotate View
  • Right mouse click = Pan image up, down, left, right
  • Scroll mouse wheel = Zoom image down to 3cm x 3cm surface area
  • (2 fingers spread on tablet to zoom/explore, 1 finger rotate/slide)



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