Drone Photography Services in Melbourne

Client Types: Developers, Builders, Surveyors

Data collection for your decision making

Oz Drone Ops helps drive your smart construction site by providing data to you online when you need it, for reporting, measuring site activity, asset tracking, earthworks and many more. Reach out to us for a demo. 

Track your construction from anywhere

Getting access to construction stages and progress from anywhere in the world to ensure your project remains on track is vital. We go out on site and take progressive aerial photos/videos of the development both pre, during and post construction, allowing you and investors to monitor the construction stages closely.

Dilapidation reports - protect yourself from expensive damage claims

We can document the surrounding buildings and structures (dilapidation reports) prior to any deep earth excavations, cement pylon activity or pile drivers being used where surrounding building owners may claim damage (cracks/displacement) post construction, and can be very expensive if you cannot prove the surrounding damage was pre-existing.  

We make life easier for you

Interactive 3D modelling in 4K detail of the construction site, which can be viewed and inspected via desktop or mobile phone is also available.

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