Can you do this job?

Each job is unique, and depends on the location. Factors include proximity to airports, helicopter pads, no-fly zones, restricted airspaces just to name a few. 

Oz Drone Operations have all required licenses, meaning we can apply for special permits granting us flight time over these otherwise prohibited areas.

Have a chat with us and we can explain the details, we only need you provide the address or GPS coordinates and requirements for the job. Having this information allows us to perform preliminary flight planning and assess the location.

What can we do with 3D modelling?

Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to perform aerial work and inspections is the smarter, safer way. Getting up on to high roofs, climbing ladders, renting out cherry pickers and risking a fall can be too costly.

Using our 3D modelling service, we come out to your site, use our RPAS devices and in combination with post processing and cloud platforms, we generate a super high quality 4K, 3D model of the infrastructure or asset, such as a roof or warehouse.

This model is interactive and viewable from your desktop or phone or tablet or virtual headset. Allowing you or your team to inspect down to 5cm detail of the mapped structure, without any safety concerns or additional costs or equipment rental.

See our example interactive 3D warehouse model here from your desktop clicking here

Do you charge travel expenses?

If the project is outside of metropolitan Melbourne, yes we will add travel expenses on to the quote. 

Again this all depends on project location, duration, complexity and turnaround time required for the desired end result. We are flexible. 

How quickly can you do the job?

Each job is different, but with projects such as residential aerial photography we usually turn the product around back to you in a couple business days

When interactive 3D modelling is required, there may be additional processing time, where our cloud servers are processing the hundreds of images from your structure, generating dense point clouds and mesh textures for the model, which may take 3-5 business days.

How do we receive the media?

Suppling photos/videos from our operations, from us to you.

There are the following options:

  • We can provide a link for you to download the media, the quality is high and therefore this may take some time, depending on your internet connection
  • We can provide the media via USB stick
  • We can directly upload the video to another media sharing website such as YouTube and provide you the link

Can we put our branding on the images/video?


As part of the post processing, we can apply your business or company branding to the media.


  • Real Estate aerial image contains business logo
  • 360 Interactive media photo contains multiple business logo's of their locations from the photo view

Can you do clips for social media or marketing?

Yes, we can take aerial images and aerial videos, including of your property, business, proposed development site and surrounding areas, to compile it in to a 30 second or 60 second clip. 

Having these short clips keeps the viewer interested and helps gain exposure across different social media and advertising platforms. 

We can additionally include your branding within the video or photos. 

What type of camera do you use?

We at a minimum use super high definition 4K, 20MP (megapixel) quality cameras mounted on to our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, which include state of the art automatic stabilization gimbles, ensuring the recorded media is smooth and level in all conditions. 

Ensure any service providing you end up choosing is using a camera capable of 4K video/photo, for crystal clear media. 

What is 4K quality?

Such high quality like 4K is the standard in professional film and video production industry. Click here to read more about 4K.

How much does it cost?

We keep our costs low and competitive but also ensure that you're more than happy with the end result. We explain all costs to you and where they are going within our quotes. 

All media photos/videos have post processing (professional editing)

All jobs depend on location (if permits are needed), and time spent on site. Post production is included. Usually post production is very expensive with time spent in studios and editing.

Contact us today to see how we can tailor a solution for your needs. 

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